Volunteers have a unique opportunity to share in the Mission of the Link Centre. You will get a chance to:

  • Make a Difference!
  • Make New Friends.
  • Contribute to Our Community.
  • Bathe in Glorious Appreciation.
  • Have Fun!

Link Centre expects high standards of professionalism from its Volunteers. To be a Volunteer is to be “one of us.” As a Volunteer, you become the face, the smile, and the hands of the Link Centre. We expect that you will approach the opportunity to Volunteer with as much passion as do the Link Centre Staff & Members.

If you would like to stay informed of future Link Centre Volunteering opportunities, or if you are immediately interested in becoming one of our awesome Volunteers – for multiple events, or even for just one special event – please fill out the form below, contact us directly at mdeas@link-centre.org, or call us: 662-690-4011.